In mid 2017, this site began as the anonymised investigative journalism platform RippleFind.

In April 2020, it’s reborn as part of a project to publish, in collected form, the central node, the kernel, of linked historic investigations.

Meanwhile, it continues to offer new public-interest journalism, reportage and opinion, specialising in public health policy and healthcare (devices, pharma, diagnostics), but also covering the environment and consumer and legal affairs.

Underpinning the writing is a commitment to the public good, but also a passion for life and for human values — so there’ll also be the odd splash of something different: from nature, the arts, sport or philosophy. Different, but equally meaningful — that’s the aim.

Still the ‘Ripplefind’ ethos…

A ripple is what a stone makes in a pond… a diver in the sea… a thinker in the facts… And the facts in the thinker too. A ripple is also an olden-day tool, a special comb for collecting cereal seeds from their stem — to separate the wheat from the chaff, you might say… The finding is therefore about causes and effects, and the seeds of these.

Bernard Murphy, April 2020

@kernelmeollo     |      @medtech_BM      |     @basslinehum

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